Two interesting quotes from our dearest Gov. Arnold Schwarzanegger.

“I came in here to fix what is broken in California”

“Even though we fixed a lot of different things, one of the things we couldn’t fix is the broken budget system.”

I put this up on Facebook, but in case you haven’t seen it, here you go.

I’m not making fun of Arnold – OK, maybe I am – but we know California is in a pretty difficult situation, with a $15b deficit on hand and signs of further deterioration. The recent argument is rather ordinary. The government proposes a series of programs and position elimination, including $3 to $5b on education expenditure, $1b on medical care and cutting off at least 500 jobs. That’s why people say if this bill passes, Californian kids are going to be “dumb and sick,” as they will receive a worse education and less comprehensive medical attention. On the other hand, students in college are organizing rallies to Sacramento to fight the budget cut. A quick question to the student: while we fight for our benefits, should we also consider giving a constructive proposal for the government to raise their funds to cover its negative bottom line? If the state is seriously in red, it must seek ways to squeeze some dollars from all areas. I mean, all programs hate cuts, but some cuts are inevitable. Cuts in education definitely will make California lose its comparative advantage to other states, as it is famous for its mature education (UC/CSU) system. Both sides should try to enter the others’ shoes and develop from a common ground, rather than students shouting out of the government agency and the officials inside are doing all the same.

Here is a list of the Golden State proposal on the May 19 ballot.

1. Spending limit and tax hike

2. New education payment plan

3. Borrow from the state lottery (interesting…. maybe that would work)

4. Redirect children’s services funding

5. Redirect mental-health funding

6. Ban pay raises for state officials

Among the six, only item #6 is favored (48% support) by voters, according to a non-partisan survey – and we all know why.