India’s Sensex index surged 17% a couple days ago, to 14284, after the elections that signaled a brighter future for domestic and foreign investment in the country. The performance was also thought to be fueled by the recent interest rate reduction and signals of economy rebounding. India’s “go-slow” development has made it rather insulated  from the credit crisis, and is now seen as one of the possibilities to bring the world out of the economic downturn. With the good news, the Dow followed with a more-than-200-point increase.

It should be noted that the BRICs are doing really well when compared to other major economies. A year to date, India’s Sensex 30 index has gone up by 48.1%; China’s Shanghai composite is experiencing a 45.7% climb; and Brazil’s Boverpsa with a 37% increase. Japan is making a 2%, while France and Germany barely makes a 1%.

The next assignment for myself: research on BRIC’s economy and try to figure out the opportunities ahead.