I have been away for a couple of weeks now. After knowing where I’m going in the next two years, I couldn’t help but got pretty excited about arranging housing, looking for roommates and all sorts of other stuff. (In case you are not aware, I’m transferring from a community college this year!) Finally, I am going to get a taste of the aura in a more-than-100-year-old 4-year university. Every changes always comes with certain degree of anxiety and uncertainty. But I believe, people who manage to survive outside of the comfort zone should be able to be well under harsher circumstances as well.

Though I stopped writing in the last couple of weeks, I did keep up with my RSS reader and news subscription. As I read more, I start to realize how challenging it is for someone like me — at this age and with such little knowledge, experience or what-nots — to write something really worth others’ time reading it. I was too naive to think that I am ready to get started to develop “my theory and opinion” on current social and economic issues. In reality, what I can do know is no more than to summarize ideas from a variety of sources and make some rather undeveloped comments on them.

But I understand if I do not physically go through that difficult process, I will never be able to jump through the fire loop. What I am saying here is that, I should adjust the blog’s orientation and position. Rather than expecting to share something intelligent, I should see blogging as a constant practice for me to develop that intelligence. So for now, what matters is how we can improve our thinking and writing, rather than anticipating a great number of viewers visiting our site.