Leave it to a Buckeye to conclude a study about how Facebook causes people to have lower GPA scores. It is pretty obvious that Facebook is a distraction but then again so is partying, TV, beer pong, playing sports, and anything else that college students do in their free time.

Ohio State University Aryn Karpinski student has announced a study that shows that people that use Facebook study less and have lower GPA scores. When Aryn reported this, FOX News and UPI jumped on pointing out Facebook as a culprit.

According to Aryn’s study of about 219 students, 148 Facebook users had a full grade point lower than those who don’t have Facebook. People that didn’t use Facebook reported that they study about 11-15 hours and those who had a Facebook account only studied 1-5 hours per week.

Keep in mind that there are now over 200 million active users on Facebook, many of them are medical students, lawyers, MBA students, PhD doctorates, entrepreneurs, and high school students with perfect SAT scores, etc. This is why I am taking the study conducted by the Ohio State doctorate student with a grain of salt.

Besides, undergraduate students at Ohio State are a small percentage of Facebook’s total user base. And of course they’ll spend a lot of time on Facebook, what else is there to do in Columbus, Ohio? Aryn should conduct the same study at The University of Michigan and Michigan State University. The results will be much different.