The idea just came back to me when I was taking a shower.

A couple of weeks ago, when Derek and I were pulling all-nighter for our POLI 3 final  (an International Relations class), we had such a good time just sitting there discussing history, politics, economics and all kinds of interesting topics. We could not help ourselves but keep talking about stuff that are not related to the exam for hours and hours – from human rights to Chinese history, from Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Finally we thought, “Wouldn’t it be great that we sit down every now and then and do something like this again!”

I thought even further that we could keep track of the topics that we cover in our discussions, create a blog to put them all together and share it with the world, if anyone is interested to looking at it. That’s a good way for us to keep going and to have some incentives to practice our writing.

Let’s see how far we get this time 🙂